Leather Sofacare

As reliable and hard-wearing as your sofa already is, it’s always a good idea to give it some TLC. Keep yours in mint condition with our tips on how to care for leather sofas.

Leather Sofa Care Tips

Top Tips

Give your sofa a gentle weekly hoover to remove dust and debris. Make sure you use a soft attachment and a low setting to avoid any accidental damage.

Direct sunlight can cause the colours to fade and cause your sofa to age before its time, so give it some shade to help it keep its youthful looks for longer.

Even sturdy leather sofas can still be sensitive to substances that aren’t meant for them, so steer clear of any cleaning products that haven’t been created specifically with leather in mind.

Know your leather

Cherish leather

Our Cherish leather sofas have a painted surface that makes them extra resilient to everyday wear and tear. A weekly wipe down with a clean, damp cloth will make sure it keeps its smooth and even tone.

Natural leather

The beauty of natural leather sofas is that each one looks a little bit different. Natural leather sofas don’t have the protective painted layer that Cherish leather sofas do, so use a dry cloth rather than a wet one to ensure no dye is transferred in the process.

We offer leather care kits

Get rid of marks and spills quickly and easily with our Natural or Cherish Leather Care kit. It comes with 11 protective wipes, 10 cleaning wipes and a full set of instructions.

Cherish Leather Care Kit

Cherish leather care kit

Natural Leather Care Kit

Natural leather care kit

Call 0808 1209679 to find out more

Our 5 year service plan

When you’ve invested in a new leather sofa, you want to protect it from spills, stains, rips and tears for as long as possible. That’s why our 5 year service plan can be in place from the day your sofa is delivered.

Five Year Fabric Protection Plan

What’s included

Our 5 year care plan starts from the date of delivery of your furniture. It takes care of staining on your leather sofa including dye ... [read more] transfer from clothing or newspaper print, plus any spills from food or drink that leaves a mess behind. It also takes care of damage including scuffs, burns, tears, rips, scratches or punctures to your sofa. Damage from children or pets are also covered as part of the care plan. [read less]

You also benefit from damage to interiors, exteriors and motion furniture included which starts from the end of the 2 year manufacturers guarantee and lasts for 3 years.


What’s not included

Some damage isn't included in the service plan; including general cleaning ... [read more] or gradual wearing of the furniture through normal use. Damage caused by pets is covered, however a build up of damage caused by pets is not.* Colour loss, dye transfer as a result of an accumulation or fading by sunlight is not included and neither is damage caused by using the wrong cleaning products. Take a look at our care tips for leather sofas to keep yours looking spick and span.

You are only eligible for the Sofacare service plan if the furniture is going into your home. You cannot purchase the Sofacare service plan for use in business properties or properties you let out.

*Link to full service plan conditions.
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How do I report damage?

You must make a request for repair services as soon as possible and... [read more]

always within 28 days of the damage occuring. Any requests outside of this time frame may mean we will not be able to provide repair services. To make a repair request call Guardsman on 1800 806 182. You can also download a form from the Guardsman website and send it via email at [email protected] or by post.
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How will I be compensated?

Guardsman has a team of trained furniture experts. We may send out an expert technician to look at the damage, and where appropriate we... [read more] will aim to clean or repair your furniture. If we can’t, then we’ll make an effort to replace it with something as close to your original purchase as possible. [read less]


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